About Us

In 1992, a pioneer in business launched Mortgage Buyers Incorporated an investment firm, located in the sunny state of Arizona. Mortgage Buyers Incorporated buys and holds real estate secured receivables.

Mortgage Buyers Inc. delivers whole cash value today to sellers of various types of real estate security instruments.

Past, Present, Future

Mortgage Buyers, Inc. was established in 1992. Its founder, Jeffries Oranski, has been involved with real estate related investment securities since he moved to Arizona in 1975. Mortgage Buyers footsteps began in Tucson, Arizona, has moved across the state and beyond its borders. Jeffries vision for the company was to provide consistency to his clients. Our sellers continue to use us because of our willingness to provide them with fair, competitive quotes accompanied by quick transaction time. Our private investors continue to invest with us because of our commitment to thoroughly inform them about each investment opportunity and to consistently give them quality investment vehicles with minimal risks.

If we can't maintain your business than we can't stay in business. Our family staff is passionate about that commitment to each person we deal with.