Seller Financing

Sell Your Home Fast with Seller Financing

The secret to selling your home fast -- lies hidden in a miracle sales strategy. It can sell your home in just days -- and produces a flood of buyers faster than a bullet. It requires no hidden talent -- or special selling skills. It is simple to apply -- and is as easy as mowing the lawn. But the strategy is rarely used. However, once you apply this tested strategy -- you'll pull in motivated home buyers like a steel-magnet. 

It's no secret that the biggest barrier home buyers face is the highly regulated banking industry. Good home buyers get turned down all the time for financing. It is due to all those rigid guidelines banks make people meet to get a loan. 

This is exactly why the average seller stops good home buyers from purchasing their house. They're not aware of a simple marketing strategy that can create a stampede of interest immediately. It makes selling your home seem like a breeze. 

This strategy is known as Seller Financing and is rapidly becoming a very popular way to sell a home. Seller Financing is where the sellers of the house help the buyer finance the purchase. They do this by letting the buyer owe them money instead of paying the full price of the house at closing. The seller will accept what is called a "seller financed" mortgage. 

Mortgage Buyers, Inc. will, in turn, purchase the seller financed mortgage for lump sum cash from the seller, at top dollar, at the closing. This allows the seller to receive all cash for their house - just like a regular closing. It also eliminates any further legal responsibilities the seller would have had to the transaction. 

We can also provide the seller the option of selling all or part of the payments that he or she will receive. And that's something the financial institutions just can not do. 

Owner Financing is the fastest way to sell a home. It is a proven fact. About 10 percent of homes in the US are sold this way! Offer seller financing to move your house!

Mortgage Buyers, Inc. works with both home sellers and realtors. We are not in competition with realtors. In fact, we are able to help realtors sell more of their "hard to sell" properties by providing them with one more financing option called a Simultaneous Closing. 

The way this works is we help the property-seller create a Promissory Note with the buyer, as if the seller planned to carry the paper himself/herself. At the time of the closing, we buy the note, either in full or in part, for a previously agreed-upon price. This allows the seller to walk away with cash in pocket rather than having to collect monthly payments for twenty or thirty years. There are no closing costs and no points to pay, and the appraisal is usually paid for by us--there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the seller! 

The realtor still gets his/her commission, and we receive our commission from the investors who are purchasing the note. The buyer, who may have been close to giving up on owning a home due to difficulty with financing, is able to buy the home and makes the monthly payments to the investor, just as he/she would to a bank. Everybody wins!

Our Simultaneous Closing system adds one more creative financing alternative, helping realtors close more deals than ever before!